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Just as our own teeth  the teeth of our pets too much care and attention.
The dental care consists of three main parts:
- prevention possibly supplemented by brushing the teeth, a well-balanced diet, proper diet to clean the teeth and dental care chewing bones
- regular dental check by a veterinarian - during such a check, the number of teeth , the position of the teeth and may or may not be present in plaque and possibly additional infections
- cleaning the teeth and possibly pulling rotten teeth

Without this care gets the pet plaque. This is actually an accumulation of food particles by bacteria over time is hard. The constant presence of these bacteria quickly you get inflammation of the gums ( gingivitis ) and the peridont ( peridontitis ). This is also the root of the tooth affected. If this situation is not corrected, the infection can spread from the gums to the heart muscle, kidneys and liver.

          Gingivitis (dog )                                           Periodontitis ( cat )

Cleaning the teeth ultrasonic happens precisely because the plaque is so hard. This requires the pet be under general anesthesia. For example, can be achieved in a simple manner all the teeth. After cleaning the plaque, all teeth polished to avoid. Rapid plaque attack Bad teeth are therefore drawn the best. Caution! A bad mouth odor is not always caused by dental problems, but can also be due to a kidney problem, immunological disorders, ketoacidosis, esophagus and stomach problems ... Hence it is important to have it checked by a veterinarian.

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