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We see increasingly that the "Point of Care" is moving from hospital to GP and into the home environment.
That trend is the result of the increasing shortage of staff and the level of hospital costs. In addition people, certainly with a handicap, prefer to stay in their well-known environment and where can you in that case be best...indeed, home?!

And with the innovative technology as being offered today that moving "Point-of-Care" trend can be facilitated.
Not only do we see innovative solutions in the measuring technologies of the vital parameters but also the price performance ratio's are becoming more attractive for consumer solutions.
So there is an obvious "win-win"!

At we are happy to show you these effective solutions which will allow you to receive your care at home!
As an example one can mention ECG monitoring. As the "pump" of the body, the heart is a vulnerable item you don't want to neglect.
Nowadays a lot of people are suffering a CardioVascular Desease (CVD), quite often without knowing it! Worldwide there are well over 100Mfamilies/year threatened by "sudden dead". A substantial and effective way to survive from "sudden dead" is the timely monitoring for arrhytmias.
CkBody offers a fascinating wealth of ECG Monitors and Patient Monitors to check your heart in a, for you, comfortable location, your home. Some of the ECG Monitors are also highly suitable to take with you and you can check "on-the-go".

Another product we want to bring closer to the people for personal use, whenever you want, is the pulse oximeter. The pulse oximeter is a medical instrument by which the amount of oxygen in the blood can be determined and also your heart rate. This is measured via a clip on a finger. After measuring targeted assistance could possibly be requested.
Well, above is just meant as a "teaser" but be our guest and explore CkBody to find your product.
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