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Pulse Oximeters are used a lot, quite simply because they are a very handy and therefore actually very important piece of medical monitoring technology! They simultaneously measured the blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate.
It is a small, compact and robust and extremely reliable physiological monitoring device which significantly increased the care of the patient. It is widely used in clinics, hospitals, first aid and medical organizations and is now also available for home care.
The technology has over time become not only more accurate and reliable but also affordable.

Some background information:
A pulse oximeter is a medical instrument by which the amount of oxygen in the blood can be determined. This is via a clip on a finger measured. After measuring targeted assistance could possibly occur.
The operation is based on the principle of photometry. A light source (usually an LED) emits a beam of light of wavelength sharply defined by a body part (finger, ear lobe, tongue in animals) in which a pulsating vascular bed is. These small veins and arterioles will get a portion of the light absorption, depending on the color of the blood-oxihemoglobine. Directly opposite the light source is a detector that receives light and passing it into an electric signal. This signal is fed to a unit that determines which wavelengths are present. The difference between the transmitted and absorbed light is converted to the corresponding saturatiewaarde in blood, expressed as a percentage. The maximum saturation is 100%.

Because the signal strength varies with the filling of the arteries, the device can also calculate the frequency of heart rate. The device owes its name to the measurement of pulsation and oxygen saturation: pulse oximeter.

The signals of the measurement can also be a graph on a screen. Because the top of the curve is an indication of the degree of vascular filling in this curve plethysmogram mentioned (plethysmos is Greek for volume). An experienced user can deduce from the plethysmogram somewhat how the blood is given.

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