Hospital equipment budgets are nowadays increasingly more under pressure. One more reason to take conscious, well considered, decisions within these budgets. Fortunately innovations in medical technology offer also opportunities to take into account while considering...not only offer these innovations value add features, they also offer these features without having to lower the ambition on quality and reliability!

Formerly the professional market for medical equipment/devices was divided among the major suppliers. Quite often they could even determine their own prices. Today there are some very interesting new players who offer highly sophisticated medical equipment...they development and manufacture. Often also equipment with that high degree of innovation not only leads to a comprehensive "smart feature list", but also combine it with excellent quality and reliability, as demanded in hospitals. Quality and reliability which are of course accompanied by certification by the ususal- and valued partners such as TÜV.
If there is nevertheless an "uptime" guarantee desired, we also can offer attractive maintenance contracts with a guaranteed "uptime" of our products ... always a patient monitor, ultrasound scanner, fetal monitor, or one of our other products available.

Our team is active exactly in this category of "innovators and manufacturers" and "selecting the diamonds"!
These professionals not only have the future but they also deliver that future....right now!

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