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Dear Customer,
Guess that in the meantime I don't have to explain the advantages of home shopping.
The growth of the sales via these internet channels is fabulous and will show an impressive steady average growth rate for the years to come. More people will acknowledge the advantages of home shopping...behind your screen in a relaxed environment, taking decision at your speed and at the for you convenient time 24/7.

The order system, integrated and configured in our CkBody.com webshop is very customer focused and is designed for user-friendliness and flexibility.
You can return, add, deduct and check your cart at every stage of the shopping process....a proven system with a lot of customer appreciation.
You can experience a very convenient "express checkout" in case you are logged-in.
The stepswise approach with "acknowledgement of the cart", chosing a "payment method" and selecting a "shipment methods:, for the latter two you can select between different options, is many favorite.

Enjoy shopping!
the "CkBody.com" team

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