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Dear Customer,
Payments can be done in several ways, there will always be a method offered which you like most or is most convenient. We have configure our network in such a way that these payments will always be conducted in a secure manner.

The different methods for payment:

PayPal + Credit Card    
For all countries we can offer paypal coupled to credit cards. The processing, in the secure PayPal environment, is as fast and easy as buying a bread. No further details required since they are already in the system at startup. This is also our preferred method of payment since it has proven itself over time in secure online payments. No fees attached!

For UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Austria we can offer this very comfortable and safe payment method (TÜV certified!)! In the German speaking countries also known as SOFORTüberweisung!
The processing takes place in your own bank-environment, is fast, comfortable and secure! No further details required or submission of details and no application for a subscription required! You are in your bank-environment. This is together with PayPal our preferred method of payment since it has proven itself over time in secure online payments. No fees attached!

Bank Deposit / Moneybookers.com
For all countries!
1. Moneybookers.com
This payment method is becoming increasingly more popular because of its safety and customer friendliness.
Simply log into www.moneybookers.com and send the money to the email account: sales@ckbody.com
and add in the comments name, address, email, order. Our automated email status system will confirm reception

2. Bank Deposit:
accountnumber: 1182.97.538
Att: Tgroup (CkBody)
Warandelaan 52, 5707CV Helmond, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL61RABO0118297538

Simply deposit the amount with reference to yr name, address, email and order and our automated email status system will confirm as soon as the money has been transferred to our account.

Cash on Delivery
This method is up to now limited to the Netherlands. We are investigating the market offerings to extend that to other countries. It can be found under the method "TNT Rembours" when being asked to choose for a payment method.

The most common payment method in the Netherlands! Elegant, safe, secure and user friendly!
When choosing iDEAL at check-out, will immediately be transferred to your own Internet Banking environment with the solid, specific, security measures taken by your own bank! Very dedicated and secure. You can start using iDEAL, without having to log on. after payment you will return to the shop and the shipment of your order can start!

So as you can see, pick and proceed, whatever and whenever you feel comfortable with.
Enjoy shopping with us!
the "CkBody.com" team

All prices are in EUR. Copyright 2018 CkBody.com.

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