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Snore Stopper...the whole story

SnSnore Stopper...the complete success story!

Snore Stopper for a better sleep which results into a better health, increased beauty and a fitter body!

1. Snore Stopper Overview:
Snore Stopper uses one smart idea to reduce loud snores. The specially designed bio-sensor of Snore Stopper can detect and distinguish loud snores. When three consecutive loud snores are detected, it will send out a very gentle electrical wave to the snorer. This kind of light stimulation does not wake the snorer but rather makes the snorer stop as a reflex, like being nudged from a spouse.
The loud snore is a sign of a sleep disorder like apnea. This kind of sleep disorder always brings morning headaches, irritability and difficulty concentrating. It can also cause high blood pressure, sexual dysfunction and depression.
Approximately 40% of adults snore. Snoring is not just an annoying habit, but a sign of a more serious sleep problem. (Atlanta Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, P.C.)
The popular effective treatments like surgery, dental appliances (MAD) or CPAP are all costly and uncomfortable. Snore Stopper can be a viable alternative that won’t affect the snorer’s daily life.
Nearly 80% of snorers have shown improvement by the Snore Stopper from sleeping trials. Dr. Wolfgang says sleep disorders can be improved through this biofeedback learning process. Silence snorers for their own health. Snore Stopper is a safe and intelligent choice.

2. User benefits
● Reduced loud snoring at once
● No lifestyle change necessary
● No disturbance of sleep (Intensity adjustable)
● Sleep-aid through natural process (similar to a nudge from a spouse to stop snoring)
● Good for travel (portable)
After 2 weeks of continuous use:
● Wake up feeling refreshed
● Get better sleep quality
● Increase air/oxygen supply and improved overall health
● Spouse also sleeps better

Stopper for a good nightrest sleep and as a result better health, 
increased beauty and fitness!

3. Why a Snore Stopper and the potential users:
● 40 million Americans suffer from chronic, long-term sleep disorders every year. Another 30 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder on a regular basis. The annual cost in lost productivity, health care, and safety has been estimated in the billions of dollars. (talkaboutsleep.com)
● Regular snoring was reported by 40% of the population, men more often (48%) than women (34%). (British Medical Journal, Vol.314, Mar., 1997)
● Snoring increased with age, from least in the 15-24 year age group (23%) to most in the 45-54 age groups (54%), thereafter declining to 37% in the age group over 65. (British Medical Journal, Vol.314, Mar., 1997)
● Over 80% of snoring couples sleep in separate bedrooms. A study of over 4,900 snoring patients confirms that snoring is no laughing matter when it comes to sex and divorce. (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Conf., 22nd, Las Vegas, May, 2001)
● Recent survey showed snoring was the primary cause of divorce in more than 120,000 cases each year. (Snore article, snoremd.com) Snoring ruins sex lives. (BBC news, 19 Aug. 2001)

4. Statistic data:
Dangers of Snoring
● Snorers have higher risks of morning headaches, difficulty concentrating, sexual dysfunction, traffic accidents, daytime sleepiness and fatigue. (Chest Formosa 2000; Young T. et al., suppl 19, 1996)
● People who suffer from a common sleep disorder are much more likely to have road accidents than other drivers and 7 times more likely to crash. (BBC news, 18 Mar. 1999)
● The prevalence of heart attacks in snorers is 3 times higher than in normal people. Strokes occur 4 times more than normal people. (Evegreen, Jul. 1999)
● “Everyone, including myself, has breathing pauses during sleep,” says Dr. Frisca L. This can typically happen a few times during a night’s sleep or even 100 times an hour.
● Snorer are at risk of developing hypertension, strokes, heart attacks or sudden death in the long term. (Koskenvuo, Brit Med J., 1987)
● Snoring is more prevalent in men (45% vs. 30%), those who are overweight or obese (48% vs. 24%), married adults (42% vs. 31%), and residents of the South (45%). Nearly half of the snoring population have hypertension/high blood pressure (46%), and more than half of people have diabetes (53%). (National Sleep Foundation, Mar. 2001)
● Alcohol use and smoking will tend to worsen sleep apnea. (New England Journal of Medicine, 1993)
● Non-snoring spouses lose average of 1 hour sleep a night. (Rochester, Minn. 4 OCT. 1999) (accident drawing)

5. Q & A - Snore Stopper

Q: What is the Snore Stopper?
A: Snore Stopper is a smart-design device used to reduce unhealthy loud snores. Snores are stopped by the same principal as reacting from a slight touch of a bedmate. It detects loud snores and then sends an adjustable medical electronic pulse (TENS) to the snorer’s skin. As a reflex the snorer tightens the muscles of his/her air passageways. This unconscious self reaction allows the snorer to breathe normally, and loud snores are reduced naturally.

Q: How Does it Work?
A: Snoring is caused by a narrow airway. When we sleep, our muscles are in a relaxed state, and when the air moves into the narrow airway during breathing, it causes the soft tissues of the throat (tonsils, soft palate & uvula) to vibrate. This vibration is the sound of snoring. Generally, snoring can be reduced if the snorer changes his/her sleeping position or is given a slight touch by his/her bedmate.
Based on this concept, Snore Stopper is developed to reduce snoring by a biofeedback process. When snores are detected, the device will release a 5 second pulse onto the surface of the skin, and snoring may be reduced in the following
     i.) Snoring persons may change their sleeping position
     ii.) The tension of the throat muscles increases due to the gentle massage wave, resulting in the muscles returning to a normal state.

Q: Won’t the stimulations wake me?
A: Snore Stopper has a special design On/Off switch. The intensity level can be adjusted from 1 to 7. A strong stimulation is not necessary to induce self-reaction. The user can adjust the intensity to a suitable level that won ’t wake him/her but stop snores.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Snore Stopper complies with the safety requirements of EN 60601-1-2 as specified in EEC Directive 93/42/EEC. And it works by TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) which is a mature technique.

Q: Are there any side effects from using Snore Stopper?
A: The Snore Stopper is a non-invasive device. It uses a natural way which involves one biofeedback process to reduce snores. Thus, no side effects are experienced.

Q: Am I a snorer?
A: If you fall asleep easily when you sit to watch TV during the day, you may be; if you wake up with a dry throat or headache, you may be; if you sleep long hours but still wake unrefreshed, you may be; if you have a daytime fatigue problem, you may be; if you have difficulty concentrating on your work, Yes. You may be.

Q: Why do I need Snore Stopper?
A: Snoring is a universal complaint that affects more than 40 million men and women (and their bed partners, family members, and coworkers.) Snores also brings the snorer themselves serious medical problems, such as high blood pressure, morning headaches, difficulty in concentration, sexual dysfunction, traffic accidents, daytime sleepiness and fatigue. It’s a chronic, long-term harm. Snorers have to face this fact.

Q: How long do I have to use the Snore Stopper for?
A: For the first time user, we suggest you use the Snore Stopper continuously for 2- 4 weeks. You should notice a reduction in snore intensity and an improvement in your sleep quality. After using the Snore Stopper for a period of time, and if your snoring has become less intense and more manageable, you may stop using the Snore Stopper. When your snoring problem returns, you should once again begin
using the Snore Stopper.

Q: Is the price too expensive?
A: The other useful methods of surgery, dental appliances (MAD) or CPAP, the costs may be 50 times higher than Snore Stopper. But the results are similar if you are not a heavy snorer. Snore Stopper is the one that won’t affect your lifestyle when in comparison.

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